What is HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, It is the building blocks that describes and labels the page using tags.

The HTML tags itself doesn't show up in the webpages e.g

<h1>Hello World!</h1>

will show

Hello World!



The tags in HTML is use to define and add styles to content that is inside it. Some example of tag uses are

  • <h1></h1> - Declares and styles heading 1
  • <b></b> - Makes the text bold
  • <i></i> - makes the text italic
  • <p></p> - used to represent paragraphs

As you may have noticed every that has a open tag and a end tag, end tag are repsented with a '/'


Mandatory tags

You will see that all HTML pages will contain the following tags

  <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Page Title</title>

  • <!DOCTYPE HTML> - defines the page to be HTML5
  • <html> - This is the root of the page and all other tags goes inside it.
  • <head> - meta information is placed inside.
  • <title> - Defines the title for the page


HTML5 Tags

Here are some HTML5 classes

  • <article> - use to define an aricle
  • <section> - use to define a section
  • <header> - se to define a header

Advance HTML

Conditional Statments

Below are some conditional statments that targets specific versions of Internet Explorer

  • <!--[if IE 6>
  • <!--[if IE 7>
  • <!--[if IE 8>
  • <!--[if IE 9>

The video tag is a HTML tag that lets us embed a video on to the page


After getting to know all about HTML the next thing is learn is CSS